Companies can be regarded as living organisms with a dynamic culture and functionally aligned complex interactions. Systemic business consultancy does not simply deal with blocking symptoms or attempts to solve problems by recipes, but applies the lever on the level of the root-causes. Thus, a large and lasting effect can often be achieved with relatively little effort.


Like all human social systems, companies are much more than simply the sum of their individual members which are reduced to their performances, professional competencies or personnel costs. The immeasurable synergy potentials of systemic interaction cannot be met by simply considering them as mechanistic organizations or as fragmented heaps of isolated elements. Organizational development and structural change are directly related to the corporate culture and the systemic maturity of each system member.


Furthermore, because of the complexity of systemic procedures, effects of taken measures are delayed, which makes it impossible to apply the usual approach of linear cause-effect chains as used with trivial units. Often, due to lack of sufficient systems understanding, the root-cause of urgent problems is not recognized as the consequence of former system violations. Thus, organizations stick to highly elaborative and expensive treatments of symptoms.


Measures of Systemic Business Consultancy:


  • Open System Index – systemic diagnosis of organizations, departments, teams and individuals
  • Development of Systemic Mission Statements for organizations, departments and teams
  • Systemic structural development and cultural change
  • Accompanying processes of Corporate Systemic Change


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